New Product Update: Our Range of Speakers Continues to Grow!
Our range of speakers continues to expand and now includes a Wide Range PA Loudspeaker, Kevlar Cone Woofers, Square and Round Dome Tweeters, a Piezo Tweeter, and 2 Way Passive Crossovers.


  Play it loud and play it proud with our new range of speakers... 3323_large_50w_8_ohm_133mm_wide_range_pa_loudspeaker

50W 8 Ohm 133mm Wide Range PA Loudspeaker

This is a 50W 133mm general purpose speaker with a wide frequency response, making it ideal for voice and music reproduction. Housed in strong steel baskets with dual paper cone construction, heavy magnets and large voice coils to make this speaker a perfect replacement for most applications.

Kevlar Cone Woofers

These high-powered woofers have a reinforced Kevlar cone. Incorporating rubber surrounds, vented magnets and heat resistant 4 layer voice coils, these speakers can easily handle power peaks, yet produce a smooth sound that will please any Hi-Fi enthusiast. 3324_large_100w_8_ohm_135mm_kevlar_cone_woofer

100W 8 Ohm 135mm Kevlar Cone Woofer


250W 8 Ohm 200mm Kevlar Cone Woofer

Dome Tweeters

The following speakers are domed tweeters that are designed to produce high audio frequencies. 3326_large_40w_8_ohm_100mm_round_dome_tweeter

40W 8 Ohm 100mm Round Dome Tweeter

The Round Dome Tweeter has an aluminium voice coil is attached to the dome, which is then attached to the strontium magnet. 3327_large_20w_8_ohm_57mm_square_dome_tweeter

20W 8 Ohm 57mm Square Dome Tweeter

Piezo Tweeter


100W 8 Ohm 85mm Piezo Tweeter

This 100W 85mm piezo tweeter is suitable for high power hi-fi and PA speaker systems and features a recessed edge for mounting from the inside.

2 Way Passive Crossovers

These 2 way crossovers are made with high quality components for excellent sound reproduction. 3329_large_2_way_crossover_100W

100W 2 Way Passive Crossover

3330_large_2_way_crossover_250w250W 2 Way Passive Crossover

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Liam Wiltshire

Liam Wiltshire

Sweet! Can't wait to use them!

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