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Kitronik Mono Amplifier Kit Version 3.0
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MP3 Mono Audio Amplifier Kit: supplied with a pre-built jack cable, an 8ohm 66mm speaker, and a AA battery pack, and uses an NCP2890 audio amplifier IC. Version 3 is the newest version of our best-selling Mono Amp Kit.
Kitronik Stereo Amplifier Kit
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The Stereo Audio Amplifier Kit can be used with any Personal Stereo Equipment. Output: 1.5W per channel. Supplied with 2 speakers and a pre-made Jack Lead. It can be used to teach electronics & product design.
Kitronik 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier
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This Class D Amplifier Kit outputs up to 3W. It runs from 3.2V - 5.5V, & comes with a 3.5mm jack lead and 2 speakers. It offers great quality at a power level between our Deluxe Stereo Amp Kit & our High Power Amp Kit.
Kitronik Colour Changing USB Lamp Kit
Build a computer desk ornament using this simple USB-powered board. The Colour Changing LED slowly cycles through a range of colours, and the ultra Bright White LED version is ideal for making a standard desk lamp.
Kitronik Dark Activated Colour Changing Night Light Kit
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When in darkness, this Easy Build Kit generates an array of different coloured illuminations using a Colour Changing LED. The LED cycles through various patterns when the light sensor has detected that it's dark.
Kitronik USB LED Strip with Power Switch
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The Kitronik USB LED Strip with power switch is designed for low-power lighting, such as desk lamps. It has a micro USB connector and has been designed so it's within the supply rating of a computer USB.
Kitronik Game Project Kit
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This kit has 2 games in 1: A memory game and a reaction game. Both games are available from the pre-programmed PIC controller when the kit has been built. The kit has four buttons and LEDs to make up two games.
Kitronik Dice Project Kit
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7 LEDs are used to display a random dice number every time the start button is pressed. A pre-programmed PIC microcontroller controls the dice. The kit can be used as built or the dice can be housed in an enclosure.
Kitronik Steady Hand Game Project Kit (with Latch)
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This Steady Hand Kit sounds a buzzer as the loop and wire come into contact, an LED is also latched on until the reset button is pressed. Even the briefest contact of the loop with the wire triggers the buzzer.
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