2014 Shows
During 2014 we were busy attending shows & maker faires. In April we went to the Maker Faire at the Life science Centre in Newcastle, where we saw a car crushing robot, and all sorts of cool projects that people had made, and met some really nice people including the York Hackspace team, Jo, the driving force behind Maker Fun, and Annalisa and Lynsey of Enter the Fold. We're hoping to attend again this year, with a cool project of our own!


In May, Geoff gave a presentation at the Design & Make the Future event, and our e-textiles tutorial writer Julie Boyd did an e-textiles workshop. SAM_1549_800px In September we ran an e-textiles workshop at the National Space Centre's first ever Creator Fair. We decided that we'd do something based around our own Electro-Fashion® range, something that children could get involved with, and something for them to take away with them. We chose to do a badge using a stiff fabric, laser cut into a rocket shape. The workshop proved incredibly popular, and plenty of children got stuck in to sewing their own using just a coin cell holder, a PCB LED and conductive thread to connect the two. We also had a chance to speak to Matt Little about his newest project, bespoke gear.


In October Kitronik was once again proud to be one of the sponsors of the Derby Mini Maker Faire. The event was bigger than last year with  more than 2,500 visitors across the two days. On the Saturday we demonstrated some of our products including examples of the Electro-Fashion range along with the new Fizzbit module. The Sunday was a more hands on day of workshops; our contribution to the workshop programme was an e-textiles badge, very similar to the space centre. However since the event was just before Halloween the rocket was replaced by the choice of a ghost or a witch on a broomstick.


In December Kitronik were invited to the Redmoor Academy, for their Christmas themed big bag event part of the STEM selection box. The event offered students from around the area the opportunity to take part in a range of activities and learn about science, technology, engineering and maths in the process. Our activity looked at how the length of time spent charging a capacitor affects the amount of energy it stores and was done with the aid of the Fizzbit module.


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