New Product News Roundup September 2018
After the summer slow down, nothing gives the new product introductions a kick start better than a new catalogue. We've come out the other side of that now and the new lines are still coming thick and fast. It must be the bigger warehouse we have now, gotta fill it all! New Product News Roundup September 2018 On Wednesday, we put out a newsletter that featured a number of new products. We like to keep the newsletter at a sensible size and as a result of that, we need a blog post to share some more. So, here it is!    

New Product News Roundup September 2018:

As always, it's a mixed bag! Firstly, the Development team have settled into their stride and new kits are coming thick and fast. Secondly, we're still scouring the internet for all the best stuff. With this in mind, let's see what we've got!  

The automation:bit for microbit:

New Product News Roundup September 2018 automation bit microbit Control and monitor your world with automation:bit Add-On for the BBC microbit! It's tolerant of up to 24V, with analog and digital inputs, outputs, and a relay, so it's ideal for automating low-voltage systems in your home. Just slot in your micro:bit, then code automation:bit with the block-based Microsoft MakeCode editor. Hook up buttons to the inputs, use the built-in buttons on micro:bit, or the light-sensing capability of the LED matrix to control devices connected to automation:bit. Or why not use a second micro:bit's radio function as a remote control?
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5V Mini LED module:

New Product News Roundup September 2018 5v mini led lamp module The 5V Mini LED Lamp Module is a great choice if you need to design a low power enclosure with a small footprint. Desk lights and accent lights immediately spring to mind. The fully assembled board uses all surface mounted components, so the underside of the board is flat. Just how small is small? How about a 20p piece! Yep, it can fit inside the same amount of 2D space as that, with room to spare! With this in mind, you can let aesthetics and function come to the fore with your enclosure designs.
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LiPo ChargerBooster 5V/1A:

New Product News Roundup September 2018 sparkfun The SparkFun 5V/1A LiPo Charger/Booster is a no-nonsense circuit for generating one amp from a Lithium Polymer battery at 5V. This LiPo charger features the PAM2401 IC, and includes protection diodes so you can run multiple cells in series for an extra kick.
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Edge Connector/Header for microbit:

New Product News Roundup September 2018 edge connector microbit Looking to do more with your BBC micro:bit? Unlock its potential with this Edge Connector/Header for the BBC micro:bit! It offers an easy way to connect additional circuits and hardware to the pins on the edge of the BBC micro:bit. This can be found in both the Edge Connector Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit and the Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit - Pre-built products. It is the ideal solution for projects where there isn't the room or need for a full breakout board. It is also the perfect solution for anyone that wants to design their own breakout board or prototyping systems.
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New Product News Roundup September 2018 phototransistor This Lite-On LTR-4206 Phototransistor is a fully RoHS compliant through hole component. This component has been used in our Inventors Kit (from V1.7) for the BBC microbit and replaced the LDR from previous versions. The phototransistor is also much more sensitive and precise than the LDR that it replaced.
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