New Product Update: Our New Retail Packaged Project Kits
Our Retail Packaged Project Kits have been designed with the maker in mind. Each Electronic and E-Textile Retail Pack includes an instruction booklet that explains the basics and, of course, includes the main components needed to build an Electronic or E-Textiles circuit. We know that browsing through heaps of different LEDs, components etc. can be a daunting prospect, especially when you're just starting out, but now we have these kits neatly packed for you in addition to a great variety of detailed tutorials!

new retail kits_800px

The blister packs have been molded, the instructions booklets are fresh from the printers, and the kits have all been neatly packed - all in time for their debut at the Maker Faire in Newcastle last weekend. The packs proved to be a big hit with the visitors at the UK Maker Faire and we are certain that you'll love them as well.

Looking to take your textile projects to the next level?

We have introduced a selection of retail starter and deluxe packs to our Electro-Fashion range that are all backed up with step-by-step tutorials and cutting pattern templates (listed below). Why not give them a go? Flasher unit ladybird 800px



Magnetic dog and bone 800px The full range of our E-Textiles kits can be found here.

New Electronic Retail Packaged Kits

A huge portion of our Electronic Project Kits have been available in retail packs for a while now. However, we felt that it was about time that we revamped our kits to give them a more distinctive, sophisticated look that has a clear Kitronik twist. Our Record Playback and Squeezy Torch Kits have proved so popular that we have decided to retail pack these also (see below). We love the way that these packs look and we hope that you do too - for the full range, click here!

1049_large_record_playback_kit_retailRetail Record Playback Kit

1048_large_squeezy_torch_retailRetail Squeezy Torch Kit

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