New Product News And Stocking Filler Ideas
We've got some great new product news and stocking filler ideas to share with you. If you're struggling for gift ideas, we might just have something below that will put a smile on someone's face this Christmas. new-product-news-and-stocking-filler-ideas-870 We've got a great new servo powered add-on for :MOVE mini for the BBC microbit, a new servo driver board for controlling up to 16 servos, a new material, and a reminder of our twelve makes of Christmas resources.  

New Product News And Stocking Filler Ideas:

As well as the new products listed below we have a number of great new products lines for launch in the New Year, so keep an eye out for those too! To keep up to date and get the news first, sign up for our newsletter here!  

Tipper Add On For :MOVE mini For The BBC micro:bit:

5624-tt_additional-tipper-trailer-move-mini-all Previously on :MOVE mini, we; drew shapes, controlled it via Bluetooth, controlled it with a second microbit, and we also coded a variety of light shows. Now, it can totally carry and dump stuff too! This self-assembly Tipper Truck add-on kit is made from the same materials as :MOVE mini, designed in keeping with the :MOVE mini aesthetic, and also comes with the servo required to move the Tipper Truck trailer up and down. The release of the tipper truck brings the number of add-ons available for :MOVE mini up to three. Check out the links below.  

Kitronik 16 Servo Driver Board For The BBC micro:bit:

5612_additional_kitronik_i2c_servo_driver_board_microbit_side Take your robotics project to the next level with the Kitronik 16 Servo Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit. Capable of controlling 16 servos which are powered directly from the board's power supply. The board can be powered either through the terminal blocks or the onboard header for radio control receiver packs. The pins from the BBC micro:bit are broken out to pads on the end of the Servo Driver Board, in accordance with the Link Standard for BBC micro:bit accessories.  

4mm Oak Veneered MDF, 600mm x 300mm Sheet:

3263_large_oak_veneer_mdf_600mm_300mm High-quality A/B grade Oak Veneered MDF panel measuring 600mm x 300mm. Ideal for structural projects requiring a high-quality appearance and finish on both the topside and panelling. Suitable for laser cutting. This MDF panel is veneered on both faces of the sheet: A grade veneer on the front and B grade on the reverse.   

Kitronik 12 Makes Of Christmas Advent Calendar:

We've gathered together 12 great Christmas projects that you can access via our Christmas Advent Calendar below. We've carefully chosen our projects so that there are activities to suit a variety of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Check them out below;













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