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We might not be able to party for Halloween 2020 like it's 1985 but we can at least pretend it is. Check out Emma's cool laser cut, light up, perspex cyber visor. Emma is our resident graphic designer and she's done her level best to ensure your Halloween is as good as it can be under the circumstances. It's lit! 

Although this make might prove a little tricky, there are relatively few steps and most of the steps are quite straightforward. Even the tricky step isn't really so tricky if you take your time. Let's see what we used for ours.

What We Used:



Laser Cut Perspex Cyber Visor For Halloween 2020 Design:

Laser Cut Perspex Cyber Visor For Halloween 2020 design

The design aim was to ensure it was a one-piece design to minimise parts. This meant we didn't have to worry about nuts and bolts or glue. Which is always nice. We also wanted the glasses to light up using a kit, this was also for simplicity. Although the design looks nice as is, is really comes to life when the lights are switched on.


The CAD:

Laser Cut Perspex Cyber Visor For Halloween 2020 cad

Load up our DXF file into your CAD program of choice. The design is good to go as is, but you can also personalise if you want to. Add your name, change up the pattern, or go straight to the laser cutter. 


The Laser Cutter:

Laser Cut Perspex Cyber Visor For Halloween 2020 laser software

Load the DXF into your laser cutter software and cut from your material of choice. We chose a fluorescent perspex sheet but whatever you have to hand is fine. If you can see through it and it also has a coloured tint, it should look great. All of the blue lines in the above image will be engraved, the rest will be cut. Note: The design is flipped, so the side you cut into will be the back. 


Forming The Shape And Attaching The Torch Kit:

Using a heat gun and a round former of approximately head size, heat the visor and then bend it cleanly around the former. Make sure to heat as evenly as possible and then let it cool naturally. You can also use a heat bending machine if you have one (preferred). 

Using our LED Torch Kit with Battery change out the provided LED for a flat water clear LED and solder it together with the legs of the LED slightly longer, so you can bend it inwards towards the square hole. Use an adhesive pad to stick the torch to one arm of the visor.


Laser Cut Perspex Cyber Visor For Halloween 2020 final

Once done you should have something that looks something like this. Awesome!

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