Laser Cut Edge-Lit Sign For Halloween 2020

Although it promises to be more subdued than normal, Halloween is fast approaching and that means it's time to get making. We thought we would make something quick and simple this year. Something that doesn't require going out to enjoy and that will also brighten the place up. 

We came up with a few ideas but settled on this spooky edge-lit sign. The base for this sign is the base we designed for this edge-lit sign. Why re-invent the wheel? It's super simple to do and the results are well worth it. If you've already made a base, then this will be a quick win for you! 


What You Will Need:

Note: The image we used to demonstrate what it could look like was not of our own making, so the DXF Pumpkin file we provided is a blank canvas for you to get creative with. Let's get to it!


Laser Cut Edge-Lit Sign For Halloween 2020:

We're going to assume that you've made your base and are ready to tackle making the sign. The image above shows the DXF file loaded into Autocad, all it needs is an design for etching added and you are good to go! Why not try etching your own face onto the pumpkin, for that personal touch.


The Sign Material:

Now that you have your sign designed and ready, it's time to pick a suitable material. We chose an Orange Perspex Sheet (Fluorescent) 5mm x 600mm x 400mm sheet as we though it was the perfect choice for Pumpkin. Any fluorescent sheet would probably look just as good.


To The Laser Cutter:

loading design into laser cutter software

Now it's time to load your design into your laser cutter software of choice for the final result. The above image shows just the template with no design on it. Once cut out and assembled you should have something like; 

assembled halloween 2020 edge lit sign

We think that it looks quite impressive as is, but still not a patch on how it looks in the dark and with the strip light switched on! 

the finished halloween 2020 edge lit pumpkin sign

Once upon a time when we all had TV's that were 3 feet deep, this would have looked great sat one one! Fortunately it will look equally fetching on a table, mantelpiece, or on a window sill for the enjoyment of passers by. Happy Halloween! 

Also, keep a hold of the base, I have a feeling that it might come in handy for other seasonal fun too!


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