The Kitronik Book of Design & Technology Projects - Volume 1

The Kitronik book of projects is the first installment of a new format of free resources specifically aimed at Design & Technology teachers. It looks to inspire teachers and to help them find suitable projects for a variety of ability levels. Each project is clearly costed on a per student basis so that teachers can plan ahead and stay within budget. The costings are approximate and are based on specific materials choices and an average class size of 30 pupils.

Each of the included projects have been chosen to tick a wide variety of curriculum requirements, such as; design, materials choices, the tools required, and more. You can follow our simple online step by step guides via the provided QR codes and web links.



The Kitronik Book of Design & Technology - Projects Volume 1:

The included projects cover a wide cross section of makes to help teachers to keep things varied and inspiring for themselves and their students throughout the year. Most of the included makes are suitable for any time of year, with the lighting projects being better in the darker months and the solar being better for the summer.

We intend to add further volumes and we hope to get feedback on each volume to ensure that subsequent volumes are tailored perfectly to the needs of teachers.

The included projects are;



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